About Us

We're "sandwich generation" charter members! We joined as caregivers for our parents, who collectively spent 6 years in nursing homes.  During this time we had first-hand experience to the needs and problems of our aging society:

  • How will they be taken care of?
  • Can they live with us?
  • Are we trained to take care of them?
  • Who will pay for their care?
  • How will we be taken care of when our time comes?

We didn't know about long-term care insurance when our journey began. We, and our parents, were left at the mercy of government programs - stripping us from freedom of choice. We learned, albeit it too late, that we could have had preferences - if only we had planned.

Lynette has obtained the CLTC Professional designation from the Corporation for Long-Term Care Certification (CLTCC). Created by Attorney Harley Gordon, a founding member of the National Academy of Elder Law Attorneys, in conjunction with leading experts in the field of aging.  This is the industry's only third party professional designation. The American Council on Education evidences the quality of this program in the granting of continuing education credits by all states and a recommendation for college credit. The CLTC course reflects the nature of long-term care, which is a continuum of care; housing and services people will need when they live a long life. Students are provided the information and training needed to offer guidance to families on a range of issues including home care, assisted living, nursing homes, social services, taxes, law and most important, what will pay for these resources.

Certified Financial Planners will tell you that the cost of long-term care is the greatest threat to the best financial plan. We want others to learn from our lack of knowledge and as such want to educate you about why it's important to plan for your long-term care. By not subscribing to the "square peg in a round hole" theory, we will work with you to design your customized plan.

We look forward to being your source for life-care planning and long-term living!

Robert and Lynette Brown