We've known Robert & Lynette since before they started their specialty business. We are so glad we bought our long-term care insurance policies from them when we did!! They know this market inside & out. We bought exactly the same coverage they personally had and have seen our pool of money grow & grow! Now we can travel and not have to worry about how our long-term care needs will be financed.

After experiencing a long illness with our mother, we know the burden that long term care can place on a family, i.e., emotional stress, time contraints and financial responsibilities. We are relieved our son will not have to worry about the financial burden of providing long term care.




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"beverly" <xxxxxx@comcast.net>  [+]  Date :  Wed, 6 Jun 2007 09:28:37 -0400 (Eastern Daylight Time)
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Subject : Thank you

Lynette............just wanted to thank you all the time you spent with me in getting this policy to where I could keep it.  I know you put a lot of work into looking around and helping me to decide what would be best not only for my pocket book but for me personally.   I do appreciate all your work, and most of all your concern and thoughtfulness...............I know you treated me like you would want to be treated in in the same shoe...............thank you so very much, and Bless you for being So honest and good................It all comes back to us.     Again,  I deeply appreciate and thank the Lord for having you as my representative.  Take care and do keep in touch.  Will certainly recommend you to all my friends.............
May your troubles be less,
may your blessings be more,
and may nothing but happiness
come through your door!