Experiencing a renewed interest with fast growth in today's extended care market as baby-boomers
take front & center stage, is the HYBRID Product. This platform combines life insurance benefits and
extended care benefits. There are several industry names for this product: Hybrid, Linked Benefit, Life-
LTC Combo, and the like.

This policy type can certainly answer a consumer's concern over traditional long-term care insurance,
which is: What happens if I don't use it? With a Life-LTC Combo Product, one of three events that
happen will ensure that you and/or your family don't lose premium dollars: Live, Die, Quit.

If you live and need extended care, this product will pay for your care. When you die, your
family/beneficiary will receive a death benefit. If you decide you don't want the policy any longer &
want to 'quit' it, you get your money back. (See your LTCi specialist for specific details.)

Here are some questions we hope you'll ask when exploring whether or not the Hybrid/Linked
Benefit/Life-LTC Combo product is best for you as you make prudent plans for your long-term care

  • Why Would I Be Interested In A Life-LTC Combo Product?
  • Are All Life Long Term Care Policies The Same?
  • Who Should Consider a LTC Hybrid Policy?
  • How Much Do These Policies Cost?
  • What's The Best Age To Apply For Life Insurance That Pays For Long Term Care?
  • Are There Health Qualifications?
  • Can You Really Get Your Money Back?
  • What Are Some Disadvantages That Might Make Traditional LTCi Better?
  • How Can I Get More Information Or Find Policy Costs?
  • Can Money be Repositioned from a 401K, Annuities, and IRA's?

Robert Brown